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    Mentoring a new writer is exciting on several levels. There is the anticipation of guiding a new writer around some of those pitfalls that often plague beginners and the joy of helping to make someone's dream come true. It is challenging on a different level from writing your own work for the very reason that it is not your story and the point is not to make it your story. It's a dance of learning when to lead and when to follow.

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    Place As Inspiration

    I have always found settings to be great sources of inspiration. The sweeping sense of peace exuded by the weeping willows in the Annapolis Valley inspired me to write about the tragic story buried at their roots. The historic house in Edmonton’s historic Strathcona neighbourhood, provided the perfect setting for a time-travel set in Edmonton in 1929, and getting to spend over a month living in a historic home in the upscale neighbourhood of The Glebe was the inspiration for a contemporary teen novel. If one is observant, there is always a story to be found, always a story happening somewhere around us as we are travelling through a place,…

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    Rise and Shine, Writers!

    I usually find that first thing in the morning my mind is sharper, which is my excuse for leaving the household tasks until after I’ve done some writing. Who knew there was a scientific explanation behind this practice? Science tells us it is that foggy time between sleeping and waking, that the creative mind works best.   “We know that the creative mind is an early riser and that the editing mind sleeps in.”  Kevan Lee,  The Best Time to Write and Get Ideas – According to Science. And it doesn’t end there. Apparently there are best times for all sorts of activities. Like, exercising between 3pm and 6pm. Huh. You…