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    Write Your Story

    “You only fail if you stop writing.” Ray Bradbury (from SmartBlogger 138 Writing Quotes to Inspire) For me, 2021 was a year of wandering. I started out with good intentions. With one manuscript out on submission, I had what I was confident was a great idea for a new teen contemporary novel. Maybe it would even be a rom-com. I wrote happily away, making excellent progress, until, I didn’t. It wasn’t a problem of not planning enough ahead, or anything like that. I actually had written beginning, middle and ending scenes. Enough to convince myself that I had a viable idea. Enough to convince myself that I had an idea…

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    IN 2021, I faced the new year with SO MUCH excitement about a new manuscript, which I absolutely LOVE, being sent out on submission. Vaccines were sure to be on the horizon, bringing the end of Covid. I was full of hope and enthusiasm. I had virtual teachers’ conventions and author tours lined up. It was going to be an amazing year! That was January, 2021. January 2022, looks very different. My hope is a little more subdued. My writing journey has taken a little different turn than I expected. (More on that in coming posts.) The publisher of my historical fiction books, Ronald Hatch, of Ronsdale Press passed away.…

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    Writing in the Spaces in 2021

    Writing in the Spaces was an idea I came up with as a writing strategy for 2020. As a result of some family health issues, I knew it would be a difficult year for writing. I had no idea at the time, that Covid19 was looming, threatening to add to the chaos. The idea was to make use of all the minutes that get lost every day. Not the big chunks of time, but the moments of waiting, or in between events when you have 30 minutes free but not three hours, to dedicate to your writing. But if you’ve ever had an emotionally draining year (and let’s face it,…

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy start to a fresh new year. I know I am entering 2021 with renewed gratitude for the many things I took for granted, and renewed perspective on what is important. May 2021 be kind to you and may we all be kind to one another!