My historical novels focus on Canadian history via a bit of magical time-travel.

Ages 10 + will enjoying these Canadian adventures.

With a little magic from an authentic Mi’kmaq quill box, Sarah slips through time to the Nova Scotia of 1755. Will she be able to save her Acadian friends from being deported by the British soldiers?

“Hi. This is Madame Peters. I love watching my children get really excited at the end of the book when you help them put all the connections together. I have read this book to my class for 12 years now and I never fail to get the gasps from them when Sarah gets the gift from her grandparents. If you had a couple of minutes to write back to them it would mean the world. Thanks for writing about such an important piece of history and giving me a way to teach it that my kiddies get.” Facebook post February, 2021 Geary Community School, New Brunswick

Natasha Deen5.0 out of 5 stars Worth Reading!Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2012Format: Paperback

I’m always impressed by authors who write historical and Lois Donovan’s novel is no exception. What makes this book truly remarkable is the mix of modern and past. I think she did an amazing job of mixing the two timelines and more importantly, giving readers a historical overview of the Acadian Deportation without overwhelming us with information.

The novel is intense at times (like the scene where Sarah takes on two English soldiers) and heartbreaking, but it also has a wonderful mix of humour, action, and just the right amount of romance. This is definitely a book worth reading!

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“The book touches on a number of important historical issues in a Canadian context, from women;s rights and racism to family relationships and making a difference. The use of time travel is a smart and engaging way to draw in middle-graders who may be resistant to historical fiction, but what makes Donovan’s book particularly enticing is the level of detail and relatability…small details help readers connect with the character as the story moves back and forth between past and present.

Not only will readers learn about specific moments in history, this delightful book will challenge them to question and consider alternate views of both historical and everyday events.”  by Cara Smusiak, a writer and editor in Toronto. Quill and Quire January/February 2015