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IN 2021, I faced the new year with SO MUCH excitement about a new manuscript, which I absolutely LOVE, being sent out on submission. Vaccines were sure to be on the horizon, bringing the end of Covid. I was full of hope and enthusiasm. I had virtual teachers’ conventions and author tours lined up. It was going to be an amazing year! That was January, 2021.

January 2022, looks very different. My hope is a little more subdued. My writing journey has taken a little different turn than I expected. (More on that in coming posts.) The publisher of my historical fiction books, Ronald Hatch, of Ronsdale Press passed away. There is no question, that there were some dips and valleys in 2021, but I am entering 2022 with a new perspective and renewed enthusiasm that I am excited to share with everyone. I hope you’ll join me on this new journey through my work-in-progress and who knows? Maybe even, a publishing deal.

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