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September Vibes

“You have to write the book that wants to be written.” Madeleine L’Engle

After a summer of reading and gardening, September found me planning my first trip in over two years, in hopes of finding inspiration along the way. I put away my work-in-progress and decided to move in a different direction. Am I following a new shiny thing instead of persevering on my half-written manuscript? Was I going the wrong direction in my previous attempt? I guess time will tell.

Or maybe it is simply a case of feeling starved for outside stimulation. Either way, with low airline prices fuelling my motivation, I planned a trip to Toronto. It would be a time of visiting family, reflection, a much-needed change of scenery, and maybe a little research along the way.

Time to get this adventure started:

This is my neighbourhood for the next couple of weeks.

High Park, Toronto

Nothing like some fresh air and beautiful scenery to clear the cobwebs out and gain perspective.

So, here is what I am thinking. My shiny new idea, is the story that wants to be written. I am going to spend less time thinking about what would sell and more time thinking about the story that wants to be written!

Happy Writing!

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