Canada Day,  Canada's Mosaic

Canada Day

In light of the horrific discoveries of what transpired at the Residential Schools, of innocent lives and innocent people who were viciously destroyed we must face that we have a history that does not always make us proud. We must own this and do whatever we can to make real change so that something like this can never happen, will never happen again.

Whether or not people feel like celebrating on July 1, the important thing is to remember. Remember and commit to moving forward in a way that means we are truly committed to stamping out the evil roots of racism, in all of its many and varied iterations, subtle and aggressive. There are beautiful places in Canada and beautiful people in Canada. We are a richly vibrant, varied, versatile people, and we must fight for our mosaic. Canada Day must be a day of hope, of looking forward to a better tomorrow for all of the peoples, of all of the cultures who make Canada their home.

Maybe Happy isn’t the right word, but it can still be the best Canada Day, if we are committed to righting our wrongs going forward.

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