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Writing Prompts: The Lie

Writing Prompt:

A time you were caught off guard when someone confronted you and you just didn’t think you could tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And so, you resorted to the “little white lie.” Maybe no one found out. Maybe they did. Either way, rewrite the situation only this time you are completely honest. What are the consequences? Are you glad you told the truth or do you wish you had resorted to the little white lie?

Possibilities: Write a scene where you lie and one where you tell the truth. Follow each story to its outcome.

A friend asks your opinion on something and you are worried about hurting their feelings.

A colleague purchased something unusual and controversial and wants your opinion.

A friend wants to know if another friend passed along private information about them (and yes, they have!)

Your parents/friend/colleague wants your opinion on a manuscript they have written.

Create a situation, that, by telling the truth, you will cause great pain and embarrassment to yourself. What do you do?

A friend/ partner/spouse wants your opinion on a new outfit. (It is NOT a good look.)

Have fun and I hope you discover some new ideas/characters along the way!

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