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More Writing Prompts – the “book of regrets”

In Season three of The Crown, Queen Elizabeth made a decision not to go to a disaster site that involved the loss of the lives of many school children, when it first happened. Later, we learn, she always regretted not going earlier. She made several visits in the years that followed, trying, no doubt to make up for what she viewed as her initial error in judgement. We all make decisions we wish we could change. Why not rewrite history and make that decision you always wished you had made.

Choose a memory in which you were torn between two choices. Were there two different and super important events at the same time? Or maybe you had to decide between two different universities. One had a beautiful campus and was in a more desirable location. The other had a better overall rating. Which did you choose? Why did you choose the one you did? Were you happy with your choice? Or did you always regret that choice?

In the Midnight Library, by Matt Haig, the protagonist gets to go into her personal “book of regrets” and live out the other options. What if she had married that guy she left standing at the alter? What if… If only…

In this exercise, imagine yourself making a different choice from your original one. Write an imagined outcome in which you were pleased with this choice. Then write the paragraph again, this time writing a completely disastrous result of making the other choice. Maybe the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Maybe, sometimes, you’re on the green, green grass and don’t recognize it.

Here are some other options that may fit:

The time you bought a (house, dress, car, etc.)

Guests you invited to a (party, dinner, vacation)

Who you chose as a date for an important event.

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