International Women's Day 2021

International Women’s Day

There are many incredible women who have made a difference, and continue to make a difference to improve our world.

I particularly like this quote by Jane Goodall, because we often talk about people who “make a difference” as though everyone else is simply floating around in some sort of neutral existence where our decisions, our choices are irrelevant.

We need to own that every decision makes a difference. Every action is a stone making ripples in our pond, and our neighbours pond and possibly our entire world. Our responsibility and our challenge is to make choices with positive ripples and positive consequences and to do this when it is inconvenient, and maybe even hard to do so.

When THE JOURNAL was published, I was asked to comment on it for International Women’s Day because my story centred on The Famous Five women of Alberta who fought for women to be “persons” in the constitution. They were successful in achieving this piece of legislature, which allowed women to become Senators, but we must always remember that in 1929, these rights were not extended to all women. This declaring of “women as persons” came at a time when First Nations people and people of Asian heritage (male and female) who were born in Canada, were not given rights as persons to even cast a vote in a federal election.

In choosing a bi-racial character to tell the story, I felt that the racism prevalent at the time would be dealt with in a more effective manner. I now understand how this was giving voice to an experience that was not mine to share. We all make mistakes. We are all learning. We are all causing ripples.

Meeting, getting to know, sharing ideas with people whose backgrounds are not the same as our own is a way of broadening our understanding of the global world in which we live. I love meeting people in the zoom conferences in various places, but will be truly relieved when we can meet face-to-face without fear, once more.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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