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You Do You – Take Two

That’s right! This is your chance to reimagine your life. Live life in a different place or from a different perspective. Venture into a new environment. Take on a new adventure. Become that “person” you always wanted to be. This is you. Take two!

For the month of March, I’m posting writing prompts. Each week the prompts will revolve around a particular topic. This is a way of getting into focused free writing. If you feel that you are ready to move on from free-writing or your usual diary/journal kind of writing, these prompts may be for you.

 In Week One, you will use your imagination to create scenes in which you imagine yourself at the center. It’s the opportunity to imagine a different life, a different path, a future life. Anything you want. When I am tired of staying in my own small pond, with little variety as far as events and outings go, I like to imagine myself in a different world, doing different things.  Who knows! One of these ideas just may spark a story idea that you’d like to pursue. Have fun! Enjoy! Take this whatever direction you choose.

Writing Prompt

Imagine yourself winning an award for a book you are very proud of. What genre is the book? What is the story about? Why does this story resonate with you? What award did you win? Where was the ceremony?  Describe what it is like, from what you wear to the food you eat, to the people you meet. What did the presenter say about you?

Go for it!

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