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Today, Something is Different

Have you ever noticed that, even if you are calm and unflappable as a general rule, one day, someone will do something that annoys you and suddenly you become a crazed maniac, wanting revenge? Today, something is different. Your reaction is completely over-the-top and out of proportion to the crime. It happens.

In a Writers’ Digest reference book I found on my shelf titled Crafting Novels and Short Stories, Elizabeth Simms talks about this very thing. Don’t Overlook Everyday Interactions

“A chance encounter with a stranger can be powerful enough to transform a moment, a day, or even your life. Just think what you can do in your fiction with a little planning and imagination.”

Today’s Prompt

Think of a chance encounter you had in the normal course of a day. A time, perhaps, when you weren’t particularly proud of your reaction. Maybe even a time you wish you could be granted a do-over. Write a scene in which you make use of those emotions and reactions. Or, you could use the experience as the base for your scene, embellishing, adding detail and humour.

Have fun with it. And don’t forget to save everything you write in your Writer’s Notebook!

On Monday, I’ll be back with a post about setting, and where exactly, our character is in the opening scene, as part of my HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL: Step By Step.

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