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One Step At A Time

If you are starting to write a novel, don’t think about the mammoth task ahead. Think of it one step at a time. Set goals for yourself each day that are reasonable and achievable.

Writing Tip:

I recently attended a digital workshop with the wonderful Linda Sue Park. Her tip for writer’s block is to write for short periods of time and write badly. That’s the key, she claims. Give yourself permission, no insist, that you write badly. It’s very freeing. “I love the revision process,” she says. Keep that in mind as you work on your first draft. It’s going to be crap. It’s supposed to be crap. A fully formed novel is not going to flow from your keyboard, not matter how talented you are.

Writing Prompt:

Instead of starting at the beginning of your story, write the scene that happens BEFORE your story begins. What is happening right before Chapter One?

Each day I will post an inspiring quote and a writing prompt, in case you are stuck. On most Mondays, you can find a more detailed post about one part of the novel writing process. Next up, I’m looking at the people in your novel, as we tackle some ideas about character development.

Until then…

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